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Our Story

With the growing surge of the Internet and its instant availability of General information (which did not necessarily come from medical experts), a growing need for specific scientifically reliable information was born.

Users, patients and those close to patients with specific conditions, were unable to find expert opinions from medical professionals who specialized in certain niches of healthcare.

Expert Opinion

Consultants travel the world offering their services, and patients usually suffer as they find themselves waiting for information related to their specific conditions.

In some instances, patients require a second expert opinion, which then pushes patients further afield, to find “another expert” to either support or suggest an alternative remedy to their problem. From this notion, the need for Doocle was born.

Doocle vision

Doocle was founded by a British Spinal Surgeon with the vision of making specialist health and medical advice more accessible for the masses.

This vision started off as a simple website and a dream, to a platform that connects patients, and medical experts, from around the world.

With the sole purpose of allowing concerned users (either the patients themselves, or users that were concerned for their loved ones) to get expert medical advice and opinions at a time and place that suited them, rather than being confined to a doctors office or surgery.

Sherief Elsayed

The founder, Dr. Sherief Elsayed began by offering consultations himself to his own patients.

As time went by, Doocle made changes to its platform by becoming more user-centric, which led to other doctors wishing to use Doocle for their patients.

Best Doctor

Realizing the traction created, Doocle opened its doors to the world by allowing anyone to become a user.

And in doing so, access the best doctors from around the world from the comfort of their own PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

What Users say about Doocle?


"I am no longer confined to local doctors and being able to select from national and even international experts is amazing. I quickly found an affordable expert and was speaking with him in minutes!"


- Samantha, Slough, United Kingdom

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